Ready to… “Shut Your Pi Hole?!”



A new way to enjoy pizza with appetizers, deserts, or a side dish placed conveniently in the center of your pi! 


Our Product

The Pi Hole Pizza brings the highest quality of ingredients for the best tasting food. In our quest to perfect our delectable creations we have our pizza dough seasoned, tossed, and grilled in-house. Our secret sauce is a personal recipe that is made from fresh every day. Our cheese is made from 100% whole milk, and all of our produce is delivered fresh and crisp, straight from a local grower, every morning. We keep costs low without sacrificing quality and taste.

We prepare our meats; chicken, sausage and ground beef in-house to our signature specifications to ensure perfection. Our trademark appetizers or “holes” have been designed and crafted specifically to “Shut Your Pi Hole” and are precisely prepared and dressed to give you an unforgettable culinary experience.

Our Design

Our restaurants are designed with a close attention to Feng Shui detail. The intention is to integrate the kitchen, back counter, preparation space, and customer area to maximize easy and efficiency, which is critical to the restaurant’s functionality and vital to the prevention of cost overruns.

Our Operations

The Pi Hole Pizza, as the Franchisor, has meticulously perfected the day to day operations through the detailed policy and procedure development, leading to precise cost control. Our corporate support and training of the Pi Hole way contributes not only to the success of your franchise, but ensures the highest level of product quality and National brand appreciation enjoyed by our consumers.

Our Brand

The Pi Hole Pizza has brought to market a highly innovative and exciting new way to experience the enjoyment of pizza and appetizers. Additionally, our logo and stylized artwork support this new model that is designed to appeal to a wider customer demographic, from family to fun! Our very name comes from the old slang phrase to “shut your pie hole”. This provided the inspiration for the inception of cutting of a hole into the middle of an extra-large pizza and shutting that Pi Hole with the inclusion of the appetizer as a part of the customer purchase! We have transformed the expected pizza eating experience to a spectacular journey of culinary greatness.

In today’s cost-conscious world, we at Pi hole Pizza provide the best value in the artisan pizza market. We offer the ultimate development package of our restaurant and brand that will lead to the success of the entire franchise experience.

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Introducing our Patent

 We patented our design on pizza before we began any other process.